Healthcare Assistants

HCA’s are vital to the physical health and psychological wellbeing of patients. You are key and will be responsible for aiding patients every day. You will help with activities such as providing personal care, observing and mobilising patients and will work under the supervision of nurses and senior staff in healthcare settings. As a HCA registered with NHHS you will be able to receive job opportunities to suit you.


Nurses of each and every speciality are welcomed at New Horizon Healthcare Services. We work to provide nurses to care homes and hospital settings. As a nurse you will be responsible for caring for patients, administering medications, recording observations and maintaining a safe clinical environment. We recognise the key role of nurses within the healthcare sector and are here to encourage and provide you with competitive rates and new working opportunities More hours, temporary shift work or more clinical experience? As a nurse registered with NHHS you will be able to receive job opportunities to suit you.


Carers have a diverse and essential role within our communities. Here at New Horizon Healthcare Services we commend our carers and work to provide you with job opportunities to suit you. We aim to match carers to care home and nursing home settings in North Wales and North West England. As a carer you will provide supervision, companionship, mobility assistance, personal care as well as daily communication with patients and relatives. Register as a carer with New Horizon and you will be able to receive job opportunities to suit you.

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As an employment agency we understand what it means to be competitive and at NHHS we can boldly say we offer competitive rates of pay Our pay can be flexible to suit your demand e.g weekly or fourth nightly Our account team will ensure fast payment and provide you with payslips. We understand traveling could be stressful so we will provide local work and assist with transport difficulties where possible. Our shifts are flexible with a range of day and night shift We offer free mandatory training and encourage Career growth with over 50 Free courses available.